Luke e Susie – wedding photographer Tuscany

On 14 March 2015 by adrianachechi

How many sweetness, love and understanding can you find in a couple? Just have a look at Susie and Luke’s wedding pictures, and you will know it!

This lovely couple flew from Australia to Tuscany to celebrate their wedding surrounded by family and friends coming from different parts of the world and the Italian region offered the perfect scenery for their special moments!

From the informal welcome dinner to the wedding day, every moment was characterized from spontaneous laughs, sweet smiles and sincere joy. Tuscany with its beauty made of soft hills, small ancient towns, old olive groves, lush fields and stone houses offered the perfect frame for the celebrations, the love and happiness of Susie and Luke made the rest!

Location : Borgo di Fontebussi – Tuscany
Wedding Photographer Tuscany:  Adriana Chechi
Wedding Planner : Infinity Weddings

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