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On 17 March 2015 by adrianachechi

Maria and Ryan

wedding photographer Tuscany: Adriana Chechi and Marco Miglianti for Migliantistudio

wedding planner : Barbara for Infinity Weddings and Events

Maria and Ryan: from the Engagement to the Wedding in Tuscany!

Take an amazingly beautiful couple deeply in love, Maria and Ryan from Syracuse NY (USA), a wonderful Villa in Tuscany with its unique atmosphere, a sunny spring day and a great energy… and you will have a simply marvelous Engagement Photo Session!

The Engagement Photo-shooting is a superb way to have an unusual and professional portrait of the couple before becoming “Husband&Wife” and also a great “training” for those people who are not used to be in front of a camera so that they will be more spontaneous and at ease on the Wedding Day!

Looking at this couple we admire the pure elegance of Maria’s gestures and bearing, Ryan’s deep look, the sweet hugs between these two lovers, the magical atmosphere of the ancient country Villa and its surroundings… And all of this and much more were brought into their Wedding day!

This Wedding celebrated last September was kind of a “family affair”, very intimate and delicate, pure Romanticism.

Maria was stunning and shining in her bridal dress, the ceremony was personal and touching, and after that the Newlyweds and their families enjoyed the very private reception in the courtyard of the Villa.

Mild weather, excellent Italian food and wine, laughs and tears (of joy obviously!), this day was perfect, an explosion of beauty and love!!



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