Olivia & Guido – Wedding photographer Siena

On 14 March 2015 by adrianachechi

Guido and Olivia’s wedding, organized in every details by the bride, who’s is also the Holder of ITALIA EYE, was a Glimpe of the Past. Imagine the beginning of the 1900, magical and sparkling, filled by wellness and happiness…the 20th Century was the “belle epoque” and this was the feeling of the Day of this wedding. Nothing was left behind, from the Gramophone to the pearl necklaces, from the old fashioned suspenders to the men’s beige outfits. The Ceremony took place in Trequanda and the Reception in a typical farmhouse in the “Farmyard” as the bride loved to call it…because in the 1900 the real parties took place right there!
In the afternoon, all the group  moved under the olive grove to deeply enjoy the warm sun of mid-June and the Tuscan breeze. An afternoon full of emotions accompanied by the melodies of the time in a live performance.
By my shots I could tell everything that happened in a full freedom: the bride, the groom and their guests had just fun !!!
A marriage in my Style!

Olivia e Guido – 8th classified –  Album of the Year 2014 – for ANFM

wedding photographer Siena : Adriana Chechi

planning : Italian Eye


abito da sposa appeso nelle campagne senesi olivia e guido_0167 olivia e guido_0193 olivia e guido_0231 sposa vintage con coroncina di fiori invitati vintage in un matrimonio a trequanda vintage wedding olivia e guido_0654 olivia e guido_0719 matrimonio a trequanda olivia e guido_0874 matrimonio con figli olivia e guido_0941 olivia e guido_1215 fotografo matrimonio siena olivia e guido_1555 olivia e guido_1679 olivia e guido_1794 olivia e guido_1819 olivia e guido_1831 dettaglio del matrimonio nelle campagne senesi olivia e guido_1923 olivia e guido_1957 olivia e guido_1998 olivia e guido_2045 olivia e guido_2063 olivia e guido_2070 olivia e guido_2108 olivia e guido_2284 olivia e guido_2307 olivia e guido_2315 olivia e guido_2332 olivia e guido_2381 olivia e guido_2447 olivia e guido_2643 olivia e guido_2764 olivia e guido_2851 olivia e guido_2884 olivia e guido_2919 olivia e guido_2928 olivia e guido_3149 olivia e guido_3220 olivia e guido_3324 olivia e guido_3336 olivia e guido_3366 olivia e guido_3425 olivia e guido_3475 olivia e guido_3570 olivia e guido_3693 olivia e guido_3734 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 029 030

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